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Deployment of version 3.1_ June 2018_latest news

The previous version went live only 4 weeks ago but we were keen on having you make the most of the latest features and optimizations.

  • Kits are now supported! In both ways: if a reference is a kit, then you’ll see all of the references that compose the kit -and vice versa: if a part is part of a kit, we will tell you too.
  • New dynamic shopping cart! You can now simply move your mouse over the shopping cart button, and a dynamic shopping cart will open for you to check its content. No need to go to the shopping cart page: you can check out directly, so that you can order faster and more conveniently.
  • Many performance improvements: a lot of work has been done to speed up your experience, particularly when searching for parts.
  • New “documents” logic: sellers have now two possible ways of uploading documents such as invoices and delivery slips to their clients:
    • either the PDF documents like before,
    • and now also by uploading a file allowing to only provide the URL of where the documents can be downloaded from by the clients
  • It’s now easier for the sellers to know what to do with an order: the comments of a particular order now appears in the list of orders and can be filtered. So that you can know if someone is already working on it for instance
  • As a seller you can now target to which particular clients you want to display the information of particular promotion: only the designated clients will see the promotion information on their home page. You can still configure no particular client, and everyone will see your promotion information
  • As a client you now have a “My sellers” page: you can know who are the sellers who are paired with you, and you can also ask PartsAdvisor to configure a new Seller for you.
  • – Print your shopping cart more easily, for yourself or your clients: you can now print the content of your shopping cart, and choose to print with the full information or hiding the price and exact reference information.
  • Clients can now also ask for a partial cancellation directly from the PartsAdvisor interface: sellers are notified by email and can then reflect the cancellation request in their ERPs.
  • Dynamic brand management for sellers:going online is now more simple than ever, as it’s enough for you to load the brands you support to make them available to your clients, in a matter of seconds (this feature requires the seller to have an ERP that supports the Kromeda or TecDoc generic referential)
  • Your mobile app is now smarter:you have different options to identify vehicles prior to sending your Requests, you can even identify them by brand / model / version and engine code, or VIN (coutry-dependent)
  • And many other improvements:
    • An ever improved catalog, with more complete technical information and photos
    • The discount “toggle” now allows you again to compute the discount compared to the public price of the part, or its related OE
    • PartsAdvisor “urgent” / “non urgent” orders (ERP-dependent)
    • Our ERP SDK supports the Returns: so now sellers can integrate their SDK to directly receive the return requests and sync their statuses. Contact us for more details

These improvements will save you time and make it easier to find the complete and exact information you need!