Retailers, you have questions, and it’s completely normal! We strive to respond efficiently, effectively and in total transparency, which is why we routinely update this Question Forum to adjust to your comments and feedback.


We haven’t been introduced. Who are you? We are a Paris-based company comprised of experts from all aspects of the value chain: automotive, aftermarket, digital, e-commerce. PartsAdvisor was created by pros in the field for pros, considering their various needs as well as new digital possibilities.
I already have appropriate solutions. Why choose you? PartsAdvisor is a cloud-based, innovative solution built by a strong, experienced and responsive team. For now we are focusing on maintenance and wear and tear (for private or commercial vehicles) from all manufacturers (we have a number of referenced providers able to cover 90% of all vehicles, including top brands such as Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, PSA, Toyota and premium or luxury brands such as Porsche and Mercedes.

We are currently not covering body work, scrap collection, consumable parts, or fluids.

We provide a unique one-stop service via an exclusive interface (allowing you to both purchase and sell).

This allows you to offer your mechanics a simple and effective way to send their requests, even when you’re closed.

This means: a lot of time saved, more simple operations, a more efficient follow-up and traceability of all interactions within your network.

I already have an e-commerce website. What makes you special? Considering the advantages we bring to you, our solution is much more profitable than your current web site because it combines  a lot of new cutting-edge and up-to-date tools.  Does your website integrate a reliable parts catalogue as well as technical information? Does it allow your mechanics to make requests 24/7?

Our platform has been tailored to your needs because we take the time to we regularly visit the field and consider these requisites to make our solutions evolve.  Our startup work philosophy allows us to continuously improve our website according to your business interests.  In short, it’s a win-win partnership!

I’m not sure I want to spend money on that kind of solutions. How much does it cost? As a matter of fact, because we are recruiting our primary customer base, we are able to offer our special “early bird” program allowing you to benefit from our solution for free for 6 months and without any commitment!

We strive to build a long-term relationship with our partners. The aim is to offer a 6-month trial and follow up with an assessment from you, taking into account that the first 6 months are free with no strings attached!

How is this going to help me better manage my inventory? We offer various connectors to integrate with a maximum number of solutions (your ERP for instance) to eliminate, for instance, the need to input the same data twice.  We can assess your needs and current solutions on a case-by-case basis and are able to offer you complementary solutions you may not be in possession of but currently require.
Already, we are very efficient in time management… What else could you ask for? We are confident that you are a mover and shaker in your professional domain and know your processes like the back of your hand.  However, our solution offers you more comfort in your work and simplifies your own and your collaborators’ daily life.  Trial tests have shown time-savings of 30%.
Another new tool that I need to understand? Is it complicated? Our tool was created by experts in the field in collaboration with the best ergonomists in order to hand you a key product which is intuitive and does not require any training.  Our tutorials will help you within a matter of minutes get a full grasp on the product. We also offer live demos customized to your needs if so wished.
Will you know my inventory? We must be able to respond to customer questions.  We do not share with our customers the number of articles you have in stock but we must be able to communicate with them whether the retailer is capable of responding to their potential purchase order of, for example, 10 copies of the same part. We are not meant to know the availability of your entire stock.  Requests are made on an ad hoc basis according to an immediate customer need.

We must therefore know 2 things: whether the part is available or not and if it is in stock, as well as the number of articles (in order to ensure we can respond to the purchase order in full).

You’d be able to bypass me tomorrow…what would prevent you from doing so? We are a software house and do not possess the business development capacity to build up a direct database with all the mechanics within the country. Our job is the software.  On the other hand, your job is to go see the mechanics.

If anyone would have interest to bypass you, it’d be the wholesaler (your retailer). Bypassing you would mean we’d bypass our customers and therefore put our business at stake—for this would lead us to go against our own customer network.


Mechanics, you have questions, and we understand.  We strive to respond to them as best we can and will constantly update our responses to your added questions.

We haven’t been introduced. Who are you? We are a Paris-based company comprised of experts from all aspects of the value chain: automotive, after-market, digital, e-commerce. PartsAdvisor was created by pros in the field for pros, considering their various needs and new digital possibilities.
How is your catalogue better? The best thing is that, as you use it, you will quickly discover why! We have a return rate amongst the best of the market and have a level 1 support (retailer), assisted by a level 2 support (call center) in case of any issue. And data is updated daily.
How are you paid if it’s free? Our platform is free for mechanics. We offer our partner retailers a subscription, which benefits their best customers: you! The mechanic’s offers are presented on the website and one can therefore find new customers and thus diminish costs.
What kind of automotive parts are involved? All automotive parts maintenance / wear (passenger car, commercial vehicle), all brands, all manufacturers (we work with various suppliers which allow us to cover 90% of vehicle fleets, namely the top brands: Fiat, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, PSA, Toyota, and premium or luxury brands, such as Porsche and Mercedes).

Soon, in addition to our spare parts catalogue and other products, we will provide the price scale for labor time, repair methods and notices, diagnostic tools, as well as electrical diagrams.

Why hasn’t my retailer talked to me about this? We’ve launched just recently and your retailer may still be in the process of adopting the platform.  Speak to your retailer to learn more.  You can ask us to add your retailer.
I’m not yet convinced. Where’s the interest for me? Don’t you need a tool that helps you become more productive? Everyone who has tried our tool has adopted it. It is a truly effective and state-of-the-art. We provide you with the opportunity to enhance your profit margin on each spare part, without any change to your habits or methods (same retailer, delivery dates, and return process for same parts).
I don’t have the means to get it. Is it costly? The solution is free! It is a service your mechanic takes care of for privileged customers, so that you can benefit from a leading-edge tool which facilitates the issuing of your demands.
I already have a solution. Why should I also use yours? We’d like to remind you that the solution is 100% free. We provide you with the opportunity to enhance your profit margin (for we are able to offer you one of the best prices on the market, thanks to our bulk purchases).

Moreover, our free solution allows you to validate the relevance of your supplier’s current offer and provides you with a means of comparison through, for example, a trial period.

PartsAdvisor possesses the most reliable and complete spare parts base of the market, coupled with a high-performing research tool (by part number, model, vehicle, license plate…).

Be curious, take a look at our solution, and ask for your trial account.

Would it be best to consult with the competition? We are not aware of any free competitor. They charge a fee unless they are a part of a large organization.

We therefore currently do not have any direct competitors.  Our level of innovation is unprecedented (it is the only solution that consolidates various tools: technical documentation, parts database, optical license plate recognition, comments recorder…). We strive to be the most comprehensive tool on the market.

How can you be sure that your tools will allow me to treat my demands faster? Our tools allow you to identify your vehicle in record time thanks to the optical license plate recognition feature (99% guaranteed).  You may vocally communicate and save your needs thanks to our integrated comments recorder.  You needn’t wait at length by phone for your supplier’s response or rely on a call back. You needn’t interrupt your current work to pick up the phone…

90% of our purchase orders are made in less than 10 minutes; suppliers are committed to replying within this time period following your quote request.  In addition, we trace your entire history. Everything is computerized and archived, and you receive notifications by email and text message: practical!