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It is specified that the present legal notice and general terms and conditions (hereafter known as the “General Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs”) shall exclusively govern the provided services on the website found at the address

The present legal notice and General Terms and Conditions have been established by PartsAdvisor, to operate the PartsAdvisor Platform as a general intermediary between automotive professionals and their customers.

Customer services for the Platform can be reached by the following means:

  • By mail to the following address: 94 rue de Paris 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
  • By the following telephone number: +33 6 34 57 42 88 (non-surcharged call)
  • By email to the following email address: contact[at]parts-advisor[point]com

All Platform content (text, graphics, software, photography, images, videos, sounds, plans, names, logos, brands, various protected creations and works, databases, etc…) as well as the Platform itself falls within the scope of French and international copyright and related rights protection.

These elements are the exclusive property of PartsAdvisor with the exception of elements produced by independent contractors outside the Platform that have not ceded their copyrights.

The present T&Cs do not grant the User any intellectual property rights.

Any non-authorized use of any element of the Platform results in a violation of copyrights or any other current rights and regulations, and constitutes an infringement.

Total or partial modification, copy, reproduction, republication, download, upload, delivery, sale, or distribution of the Platform to anyone by any means, without prior written authorization by PartsAdvisor, is strictly prohibited.

Such authorization is only made by digital format in order to view the pages visited by the Platform’s navigation software.



3.1. General

PartsAdvisor does not assume any liability of any kind for:

  • deletion, storage, or transmission of any kind of information or data found on the Platform or resulting from Services;
  • potential damages resulting from the use or downloading of information or data available online via the Platform Services, such as damages to the computer system or loss of data.

3.2. Modification of the website

All information on the Platform is subject to modification at any moment and may therefore limit website interactivity for which PartsAdvisor cannot be held liable.

3.3. Hyperlinks

The Platform contains links towards third-party websites. PartsAdvisor does not manage the associated websites and therefore is not liable for the content on these websites. PartsAdvisor provides these links simply for convenience; therefore this association shall not implicate PartsAdvisor’s sponsoring, recommendation, or affiliation of the website in question. The associated websites are possessed and managed by independent resellers or service providers and consequently PartsAdvisor cannot guarantee User satisfaction of these products, services, or business practices.  It is thus the User’s responsibility to verify the third-party provider to the best of his or her means before any transaction.



4.1. Personal data

By filling out the registration form, the User directly or indirectly (for User data provided by PartsAdvisor) gives express consent to PartsAdvisor to create a file for storage of provided information.

The User is informed that personal data directly or indirectly submitted to PartsAdvisor will be automatically treated.

The collected personal data will be stored by a service provider within the European Union and will implement the data security industry standards.

Personal data collected by PartsAdvisor is used so as to provide Services on the Platform.

More precisely, the User data collected and stored by PartsAdvisor necessary for use of the account are: contact information (first and last name, address, email, telephone number, etc.), connection information.

The User commits to providing correct and truthful information on his or her account, as this is used for the fulfillment of Services.

This data is not conceded to any third party if not strictly stated in the present T&Cs, without prior written authorization by the User.

Conforming to the Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 pertaining to the Data Protection Act, the Platform was subject to declaration of the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (C.N.I.L) under the number: 2006757 v 0.

Conforming to provision 27, the User possesses the right to access, oppose, and rectify their personal data. This right must be exercised by written or electronic mail to PartsAdvisor:
-address: 94 rue de Paris, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

4.2. Cookies

The Platform and/or its partners may store information on the User’s computer or device. This information will constitute as a “Cookie” or similar file.  “Cookies” are data containing non-personal information and are sent via the server on the Users’ computer hard drive or device. Cookies are designed to quickly identify the User during his or her connection to the Platform.

The company PartsAdvisor cannot guarantee optimal browsing of the Platform if the User refuses cookies.

Upon the first visit of the Platform and in accordance with European legislation, the User may accept or refuse PartsAdvisor cookie installation, which will store all browsing information on the Platform, on his or her computer or device.

To learn more about or to disable cookies used by the company PartsAdvisor, the User is invited to consult the Platform’s cookie policy.

4.3. Notice

The User acknowledges that, due to the current state of collection methods in general, all personal data published online may be collected and used by third parties. As a result, the User relieves PartsAdvisor of all liability should the User be subject to loss or damage due to the use of information intercepted by a third party exchanged through the Platform’s communication tools (such as chat messaging, forums, or discussions).



The present General Terms and Conditions informs the User that the personal data considered mandatory when filling out a form and collected for optimal service measures as aforementioned in the present T&Cs is required for the use of services and solely used by PartsAdvisor and its partners to provide this service. PartsAdvisor and its partners commit to taking all appropriate measures to ensure personal data security.

The User authorizes PartsAdvisor to provide certain necessary information to its technical providers so as to have the User benefit from certain Platform functions.

The User authorizes PartsAdvisor to provide all of its partners with the User’s personal information in order to provide services offered on the Platform.

Furthermore, the User authorizes PartsAdvisor to use and/or give away this personal data to its partners in order to, as in accordance with the law, provide the User with personalized services (such as “Loyalty points”, “Bargain deals”, “Complimentary invitation”…).



For any User notification to be considered admissible, it must be detailed and clearly indicate the reasons for dissatisfaction and sent to PartsAdvisor by mail, email, or via his or her Personal account.  An after-sales services for Users’ questions or claims is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30, by either the number indicated on the Platform or +33 6 34 57 42 88.



The current Terms and Conditions are presided over by French law.  These are written in French, Italian, and English.  If it is translated into one or more other languages, the French version shall be the only authoritative text in the event of a dispute.

Any litigation relative to the interpretation or execution of the present T&Cs which cannot be settled amicably between the Parties shall be referred to arbitration in the Paris Court of Appeal including urgent cases of guaranteed appeal or plurality of respondents.